The Switch: Mommy/ submissiveWife

So one minute you are sing itsy bitsy spider and kissing booboos and not even thirty minutes later kiddies are in bed and your HOH wants some bedroom time. You are submissive, you are to comply with all bedroom how do you switch the mind from cookies and milk to hot bedroom wife? I guess this would be different for every wife. I have had some trouble here and a few techniques have helped. One thing is to give yourself little rituals that help you get ready to be fully wanting and available. I might switch from typical panties to a naughty looking thong. I will lotion and use scented body spray. Scents have been known to be powerful ming triggers. I will prepare my HOH a drink or snack, this helps put me in a service mind-set. These are helpful to me on those days when my head doesn’t want to unwind and be happily obedient. What tips or secret things do you do to flip the switch??

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Why chose to submit?

When I first began to realize the more I did for my HOH and the more obedient I was, the happier I seemed to be, I being me began to research why this was occurring. SO what I found amazed me , scared me and gave me joy beyond words. It was because I found the one. Some call it your soul mate. I believe with 100% of my being that my one is not just my soul mate but is hand-picked for me by God. This is the person who will not only control me but take care of me , provide for me and our children and help me grow. So what do I do? Trust, Love(super easy part), serve(love too) and obey(my struggle). I love my HOH! To serve is my nature its written in my DNA. The joy of it was not fully realized until I meet the one picked by God. The went meant to be my Head, as Adam was to Eve. I believe we all have our other halves that make us one flesh. This is no different in the Gay community then in the heterosexual one. I was created to be a help meet, to serve. My HOH was created to lead. It works so well because she and I together make one flesh. I think even if you are one made to serve with one made to lead, if it is not the one sent to you by God it wont work. I Love my Hoh enough to allow them full control not only of my everyday tasks, but off my body and mind as well. My very soul is open to them, because I was created to be hers. I have never felt mor free and closer to God then I do when I am Fulfilling my role. At first it was a little scary I will admit. As I go deeper into relinquishing control I still freak a little. The first time I realized I was becoming dependent on her for sexual gratification freaked me out (A lot). Then Through pray and research I began to see this is natural not abnormal and sadly something not everyone gets to have. My Hoh and I were created to be one. I have never had real sexual gratification until her. I now can be taken to new heights and experience new sensations never even thought of before. With in a few touches I am under a fog of intense feelings and desperate need to obey and please. I am totally controlled and totally obedient. It is as if I am on a mind altering substance. I can only listen, obey, and feel. It is the happiest and most connected I think you could ever be. So know I crave it. I have enjoyed sex before. This however is a whole other level!! I crave it, i enjoy anything my Hoh can think up and I want things I never dreamed I would want. I read an article once that discussed taping into your inner slut..I was annoyed by it at the time, but now I understand it. I take pride in being her slut! Who would have ever thought that would happen :). I enjoy being able to fully surrender to her my whole being, the feeling is amazing and I believe it can only be this special because have found the one picked for me and it is my true place in life to be her help meet and serve her for the rest of my life and I pray with an open heart beyond that. TO submit is not to be ashamed off. We are all created with our roles and we should embrace them. Its sad for those who don’t, they will never know the joy and love o following their path. My advice follow your path, even if its to serve another it truly will set you free!

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