One of Those Days

So, does being a submissive wife mean you can’t have one of those days?? You know the day when you have had no sleep, the kids are screaming and cranky, the kitchen has just been destroyed by an extended family get together, the laundry just wont end. You are dead tired to the point where you don’t even want to speak and that cranky grouchy monster comes out. You know the one that turns you into a snappy bitch! Yes, that is when having a pleasant way about you and being a joyful obedient wife, who loves her role in life becomes a challenge. I have a hard time on these days sexually as well, but a few touches and I go off to my sacred place where happily obeying are no longer an issue. hmmm..maybe I should just stay in bed 🙂 Oh but as nice as its sounds its impossible with 3 kids and the love of your life to take care off. So how to go from wanting to smash the dishes in the sink to obediently slipping to your knees to give your HOH head without a care in the world?? Beats me!…this is my biggest challenge. Not letting the little monster come out and maintaining my thinking in my role as a submissive wife. I try to remind my self of my choice, my commitment, my blessings and stay the course. Each time I have success it is a little easier to stop it before it starts. A crack on your ass from a loving HOH who has had it with your cranky monster also helps to snap you back in place 😉 I am not always successful and it makes it hard, you feel like you failed. The trick is to learn and move on. If you can be humble enough to admit you are out of sorts and own it yourself , it doesn’t stay so long. This can be easier said than done. Oh well, if the monster comes chase him out and remember tomorrow is another day!!


About subinbliss

A happily submissive wife to the most amazing women and loving mommy to three amazing kids.
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