To be a Wife

A wife’s job is never to rule but to support and help. If you chose the role of wife then you are committing to Gods plan and accepting your role as helper. 
 What does Helper mean? To be a helper is to aid and support your partner. It is to assist. Selecting my role as wife, I am selecting to assist and support my spouse. How to do this often requires thought patience and at times the ability to shut up. Ways I support my spouse is to provide a clean home and meals. Make them comfortable during down time. Listen and provide advice if asked . Make them feel important and special with little notes or comments. Be available and willing to be intimate when they want. This can be a big support and stress reliever. 

My Daily Goals as a Wife: 

Give her compliments and praises 

Stay away from any form of criticism 

Do not blame her for things that are not her fault 

Make her a healthy dinner every night 

Be available and express willingness to serve her sexually. 

Prepare a lunch for her to take to work 

Make sure she has food for breakfast and snacks 

Clean clothes to wear to work 

Show love in ways that she enjoys 

If home serve as much as possible 

Do something especially nice for her today! 

Do all of these things (and show love!!) even if I do not feel like it today 


About subinbliss

A happily submissive wife to the most amazing women and loving mommy to three amazing kids.
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