Welcome to My Little Corner :)

I am starting this little blog to give insight into my life as a submissive wife.  Yes, many women chose to submissive in their marriage and like them I believe this is part of Gods design. Unlike most Christian Wives I have come across my marriage is between two women. My HOH (head OF Household) is a wonderful women. We believe in our marriage just like that of most hetero sexual couples , one of us was drawn by God to be the more dominant and one was drawn to be the more supportive, submissive , helpmeet. I am that such person. I am submissive to my HOH as I believe God has called me to do. Since we have made this change and commitment in our marriage it has been the most intimate and happiest we have ever been. My hope is other straight and some lesbian women will choose this path and create the same peace and joy in their own lives. I thank God everyday for showing me this path! I want to make this path available for others who choose this amazing  journey. Same sex couples the same as straight will benefit from establishing clear goals and roles in their marriages. I know we are each drawn already for these paths some are more dominant and others like myself more drawn to submission and support. Gay or straight we are drawn by God an should follow the paths designed for us. I hope this blog will provide insight, show struggles and even share a few recipes and parenting tips along the way.

Happy journey,



About subinbliss

A happily submissive wife to the most amazing women and loving mommy to three amazing kids.
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3 Responses to Welcome to My Little Corner :)

  1. Betty says:

    I have just given up my 50/50 relationship with my wife to become submissive. Good to see there are other same sex couples doing the same. Are you working according to the submissive decree?

  2. Subwifezee says:

    Am starting my journey as a sub wife…….Slightly excited, slightly scared!!

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