When to let it go

So here you are happily going about your business, working on the things you have to do. Blessing your house with the joys of being a wife and mother when bam full attitude. Okay so it doesnt always happen quite like that but it does happen. The moment your HOH disrupts your happy little flow with a harsh word or a snappy response. Your left wondering what just happened?? So whats a sub to do?You go right at them expose the injustice and a big fight then occurs and your left upset, angry and of course totally off task! But they started it so they deserved it!! Well thats what I always get stuck in and am trying not to do it. Im learning that for the sake of your home and the love of your HOH, maybe its better just to let it go. Shake it off and move right back into your blissful routine. Like I said im learning this :). I find when I am able to ignore the snappy answer or the harsh statement it keeps a balance of peace that we are working for in our homes and lives. I try to remember that it might have nothing to do with me at all and adding to whatever is creating the stress in your HOH is not being helpful or working towards a peaceful home enviornment. I dont believe you just take everything but sometimes you just have to let the little things go.


About subinbliss

A happily submissive wife to the most amazing women and loving mommy to three amazing kids.
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