The Switch: Mommy/ submissiveWife

So one minute you are sing itsy bitsy spider and kissing booboos and not even thirty minutes later kiddies are in bed and your HOH wants some bedroom time. You are submissive, you are to comply with all bedroom how do you switch the mind from cookies and milk to hot bedroom wife? I guess this would be different for every wife. I have had some trouble here and a few techniques have helped. One thing is to give yourself little rituals that help you get ready to be fully wanting and available. I might switch from typical panties to a naughty looking thong. I will lotion and use scented body spray. Scents have been known to be powerful ming triggers. I will prepare my HOH a drink or snack, this helps put me in a service mind-set. These are helpful to me on those days when my head doesn’t want to unwind and be happily obedient. What tips or secret things do you do to flip the switch??


About subinbliss

A happily submissive wife to the most amazing women and loving mommy to three amazing kids.
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