Subbie Funk!!

What do you do when you just don’t feel right? Everything is annoying ! How do you smile pretty and stay sweet? I have a HARD time here. I try to remember my blessings and the love in my heart for my HOH and children. I will be honest especially in the area of the bed room , sometimes you have to fake it, trust me it doesn’t last long! I have found if i start out going thru the motions, it isn’t long when my head is right back in it and i am back where I should be. Please feel free to share how you cope with this!!

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Little this and that/Challenge for my week

Proverbs – Chapter 21:9

Better to live on a corner of the roof than to share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

This weeks to do list, spend a whole week without one conflict!!  How do you think I will do??

Mommy Tip: Have old baby food jars lying around?? Put a little sand in them with a few little shells or rocks, add water with a little bit of food coloring and you have a little bit of beach in a jar ūüôā

Great low-cost summer time decoration and wont it make your HOH happy to know you are decorating for the season, without breaking the bank!!

Reflection for today:

Proverbs – Chapter 14:1

 The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

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One of Those Days

So, does being a submissive wife mean you can’t¬†have one of those days?? You know the day when you have had no sleep, the kids are screaming and cranky, the kitchen has just been destroyed by an extended family get together, the laundry just wont end. You are dead tired to the point where you don’t¬†even want to speak and that cranky grouchy monster comes out. You know the one that turns you into a snappy bitch! Yes, that is when having a pleasant way about you and being a joyful obedient¬†wife, who loves her role in life becomes a challenge. I have a hard time on these days sexually as well, but a few touches and I go off to my sacred place where happily obeying are no longer an issue. hmmm..maybe I should just stay in bed ūüôā Oh but as nice as its sounds its impossible with 3 kids and the love of your life to take care off. So how to go from wanting to smash the dishes in the sink to obediently¬†slipping to your knees to give your HOH¬†head without a care in the world?? Beats me!…this is my biggest challenge. Not letting the little monster come out and maintaining my thinking in my role as a submissive wife. I try to¬†remind my self of my choice, my commitment, my blessings and stay the course. Each time I have success it is a little easier to stop it before it starts. A crack on your ass from a loving HOH¬†who has had it with your cranky monster also helps to snap you back in place ūüėČ I am not always successful and it makes it hard, you feel like you failed. The trick is to learn and move on. If you can be humble enough to admit you are out of sorts and own it yourself , it doesn’t stay so long. This can be easier said than done. Oh well, if the monster comes chase him out and remember tomorrow is another day!!

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So you know how you want to be and where you want to go. So why does it seem so difficult and frustrating? I want to be a helper and support. I want to have the relaxing clean house, the happy kids, the yummy meals cooked, laundry folded all the domestic things I love. Yes I love it, sure i get wiped out sometimes but nothing makes me feel better than a clean house. hMMM ok maybe not nothing :). I also want to be totally hot and slutty for my HOH in the bedroom as well. So why is the more slutty I become the less sex we seem to have? It’s frustrating and feels hurtful. Yet im trying to put my feelings in the back. Shake off the insecurities and work on not reacting and just continuing to have a meek pleasant spirit. its hard when your head fills with doubt and questions. Like last night I was sad, felt hurt not even a snuggle , no play at all. I even said we could hang out not go right in the bedroom, nothing. Sure things are on her mind. It’s hard to not think its the weight, its getting boring etc.. I went off to bed and cried a little then decided not to harbor the feelings and just move on. So here I am just moving on! It’s hard to be a slut who can’t have any, but at least my house in clean! Know for the laundry. Might be horny but for know I can still stay busy. Some days are hard but im trying to work on gaining my control while accepting my role as being controlled. Off to the laundry!! ūüôā

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Random Thoughts

To be a wife is to be quiet , obedient, and meek in all things. This I think is at the core of what makes it difficult to be a good wife. It is my struggle. I think it is imporant to practice these with actions and learn to put feelings aside. For me this challenge will be huge. I will keep a checklist for awhile as a tool to help. In researching this , I have found my thought for the day. If you chose this role of wife and commit to its meaning then if you disobey your spouse it is in fact a sin. You are disobeying Gods plan. Something to ponder the next time you disrespect or ignore your spouse.

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Inner Peace

One goal as a submissive wife is the goal of inner peace. Part of my peace is the ability to let it all go and trust in the divine plan. This at times can be a challenge to say the least. I think in a world where equal this and that is professed all over, learning to let go and trust in a plan is a large climb. Lets be real, if everyone is trying to hold on to their equal part how can you truly connect and be together. Two same pieces cant link in to complete a puzzle. The role of the submissive partner is to support and nurture. The submissive needs to trust in their role and relinquish the need to control the relationship. This takes time! I think at least for myself undoing the conditioning of independence and always being heard is the hardest part of the journey. It seems to be an inner battle. I find when I try to control and voice my equality even when I don’t realize it. I can see later that is why I am agitated or irritable or feel out of sorts in my path.I think the letting go and trust are struggles. We are all working on this in our own way. Ever notice when you have that deep breath moment and let go of the control, the calm and joy you feel. I think for me this is the inner peace. I pray and look forward to the day the inner Peace is my normal. Happy Journey ūüôā

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To be a Wife

A wife’s job is never to rule but to support and help. If you chose the role of wife then you are committing to Gods plan and accepting your role as helper. 
 What does Helper mean? To be a helper is to aid and support your partner. It is to assist. Selecting my role as wife, I am selecting to assist and support my spouse. How to do this often requires thought patience and at times the ability to shut up. Ways I support my spouse is to provide a clean home and meals. Make them comfortable during down time. Listen and provide advice if asked . Make them feel important and special with little notes or comments. Be available and willing to be intimate when they want. This can be a big support and stress reliever. 

My Daily Goals as a Wife: 

Give her compliments and praises 

Stay away from any form of criticism 

Do not blame her for things that are not her fault 

Make her a healthy dinner every night 

Be available and express willingness to serve her sexually. 

Prepare a lunch for her to take to work 

Make sure she has food for breakfast and snacks 

Clean clothes to wear to work 

Show love in ways that she enjoys 

If home serve as much as possible 

Do something especially nice for her today! 

Do all of these things (and show love!!) even if I do not feel like it today 

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Welcome to My Little Corner :)

I am starting this little blog to give insight into my life as a submissive wife.  Yes, many women chose to submissive in their marriage and like them I believe this is part of Gods design. Unlike most Christian Wives I have come across my marriage is between two women. My HOH (head OF Household) is a wonderful women. We believe in our marriage just like that of most hetero sexual couples , one of us was drawn by God to be the more dominant and one was drawn to be the more supportive, submissive , helpmeet. I am that such person. I am submissive to my HOH as I believe God has called me to do. Since we have made this change and commitment in our marriage it has been the most intimate and happiest we have ever been. My hope is other straight and some lesbian women will choose this path and create the same peace and joy in their own lives. I thank God everyday for showing me this path! I want to make this path available for others who choose this amazing  journey. Same sex couples the same as straight will benefit from establishing clear goals and roles in their marriages. I know we are each drawn already for these paths some are more dominant and others like myself more drawn to submission and support. Gay or straight we are drawn by God an should follow the paths designed for us. I hope this blog will provide insight, show struggles and even share a few recipes and parenting tips along the way.

Happy journey,


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Crock pot chicken..mmm..good

Prep Time:
15 Min
Cook Time:
6 Hrs
Ready In:
6 Hrs 15 Min

6 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves 2 (12 ounce) jars turkey gravy 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon salt-free herb seasoning blend 2 teaspoons soy sauce
This recipe’s Ingredients were scaled to yield a new amount. The directions below still refer to the original recipe yield of 4 servings.
Place chicken and gravy into a slow cooker. Season with paprika, seasoning blend and soy sauce.
Cook on high for 4 hours or for 6 to 8 hours on medium. Tear chicken into pieces.
Serve over rice, noodles or potatoes.
Servings Per Recipe: 8

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When to let it go

So here you are happily going about your business, working on the things you have to do. Blessing your house with the joys of being a wife and mother when bam full attitude. Okay so it doesnt always happen quite like that but it does happen. The moment your HOH disrupts your happy little flow with a harsh word or a snappy response. Your left wondering what just happened?? So whats a sub to do?You go right at them expose the injustice and a big fight then occurs and your left upset, angry and of course totally off task! But they started it so they deserved it!! Well thats what I always get stuck in and am trying not to do it. Im learning that for the sake of your home and the love of your HOH, maybe its better just to let it go. Shake it off and move right back into your blissful routine. Like I said im learning this :). I find when I am able to ignore the snappy answer or the harsh statement it keeps a balance of peace that we are working for in our homes and lives. I try to remember that it might have nothing to do with me at all and adding to whatever is creating the stress in your HOH is not being helpful or working towards a peaceful home enviornment. I dont believe you just take everything but sometimes you just have to let the little things go.

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